Facilitative Methodologies

Facilitative Methodologies are, for me, any process that allow group wisdom to rise to the surface. Facilitative Methodologies sit as an antidote to the King Paradigm; command-and-control approaches where an individual, own small group of individuals, own the key decisions without proper interface with those who will be most affected by those decisions.

There are times where individuals need to stand up and lead - multiheaded beasts are, more often than not, monsters - but sovereignty comes with responsibility and we need responsible and responsive ways to hear the needs of other, an approach that creates empathy.

The ICA are a rich and proven source of Facilitative Methodologies (capital F & M) and having done some training with the ICA, I can highly recommend their approach and the quality of their courses.

There is a wider range of techniques though that would put into the same camp, but possibly with lower case f & m, or perhaps under the moniker of facilitative approaches. These are processes that create rich and generative dialogue. Dialogue that is characterised by healthy discussion, the forming of new perspectives and the consentual dismantling of our preconceptions and bias.
This approach is a form of Empathy. In which we find ourselves, intentionally or not, looking at reality from a different perspective. By this definition a great many things become facilitative in character. It is likely a long list, and one that I need to build out over time - it possibly even includes psychadelics.