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Since when has travelling to Scotland been the bench test for a car?

February 12th, 2024

Twice in the last week I've been asked 'what about driving to Scotland?' in reference to owning an electric car. Since when has that been the standard?

For context, I live on the South Coast of England, some 340 miles from Gretna Green and a full 700 miles from John 'o Groats.

If you travel to scotland from the South Coast that often - consider moving. To Scotland. Otherwise it is either a holiday (shall we say every 5 years?) or you have family there (once a year?). If it is for holiday then, statistically you're only likely to drive there once in your ownership of the car in question. Or you drive there to spend time with family - fair enough.

For reference, my parents live about the same distance away and we charge once on the way, arriving with a reasonable amount of range. I would never consider doing that drive without a break - it's just not safe, and we probably add 15 minutes extra to our journey to put on those extra electrons. Not a big sacrifice.

It remains the case that the majority of journeys are local, and even your average sales rep would struggle to drive enough daily to challenge the range of some of the longer-range BEVs.

This picture is improving year-on-year, with better battery chemistry and new advances just around the corner.

Importantly though - if we all stop now, then we never get to a future where BEVs, with all of their significant benefits to us, our kids and our environment (over and above ICE cars), mature into the rangey, low-cost vehicles we need them to be.

We are all part of a bell curve, and we are so near the top. Don't stop now. Stalling isn't an option. That's something you can't do in an electric. . . .

Delivery and Sales are Never Strategy

January 10th, 2024

When looking to create strategic priorities in an established business, neither making sales nor delivering product should be foci.

In just the same way that breathing is rarely a strategic priority for a healthy adult, sales and delivery are the respiration of our business and their daily activities there should be enough attention on them to continue indefatigably.

This is particularly significant in small teams where a sales lead or a delivery lead may have other responsibilities within the team. If they work on the basis that making sales or delivering product is itself a strategic act, then the important structural work never gets done.

Making improvements to sales or delivery may be strategic focus in our businesses for a period, but this is not to be confused with the daily activities.

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September 27th, 2023 — It's easy to people who have more than you. It's much, much harder to see people who have less than you.

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