Sweat the clarity

The typical visionary leader comprehends the world in a very different way from their team and from those who will deliver on their vision.

The typical visionary leader will be orientated to opportunity and the future. For them, imagining a new future is 80% of the work done. But for their team, depending on exactly how each individual in their team perceives the world, it can be the inverse, or worse.

This can be disorientating, chaotic and stressful, and puts the team into a state in which they are less able to get the work done.

They need an anchor onto which they can hold so that their cortisol levels reduce and they can perform at their maximum level.

That anchor can be a number of things, but without a clear vision, values and manifesto we will struggle to put these vital anchors in place.

That is why, as leaders we need to sweat the clarity.

This work does not stop. This work is the beginning of the role that Patrick Lencioni describes as the Chief Repeating Officer, for him a synonym of ‘CEO’; repeating the message over and over in order to align and inspire the rest of the team.