The problem of leadership in a global world

Published on Apr 18, 2023

a reductive thought-experiment, but. . .
we are programmed for transference
critical thought is expensive (type 1 vs type 2)
in small communities we look to those who have, or appear to have, wisdom
Their wisdom isn't universal, it's contextual, but it helps us
it creates ease, stability and the appearance of certainty
The leader gets status, we get ease, that's the trade
So, we are programmed to listen to a leader
But what happens if we can find leaders everywhere?
Their wisdom isn't universal, it's contextual, but we sit in different context to them
They get their status, even if it's not fully deserved, we get our ease.
But in a proliferation of leaders (what is the collective noun?), sourced at a global scale, this model begins to break down
We are still finding those who make us feel at ease, rather than those who are seeking to work at a global scale